Why You should choose Curtains over Blinds

Curtain and blinds both are very essential items for decorating home or other places. If you have a fancy window, then it should have the perfect company of wonderful curtain which will add more beauty to your house. Many people prefer blinds to fix in their windows because blinds are perfect for controlling lights and also give a professional decoration for certain business premises. But when you are decorating your new home, curtains can add some incredible classic look in the interior decoration. With various curtain materials you have plenty of options to decorate each of your home windows uniquely.

Advantages of Curtains

green-mocha-curtain-fabricNowadays you can find beautiful curtains which are being used to decorate personal places like a house, villa, and also business premises. Blinds are considered as little old fashion for modern houses, though these can be useful to decorate offices and other professional venues.

•    The curtain can give wonderful beauty as it has a wide range of variety in terms of fabric, material, length, style, and design where as blinds do not have much of choices. Blinds give a professional look and also provide many great functions, but when it comes to styling and decorating, curtain have plenty of choices.

•    For every household privacy and sophistication is very important. When you use a heavy curtain in your windows it completes the privacy of your house and also the various types of curtain fabric which you can buy matching to the other furniture and colour of interior decorating item gives soft touch of sophistication.

•    The fashion of curtain stands apart, which you can choose among the wide range of available varieties and this definitely adds little more beauty to your rooms. Nowadays there are many fancy curtain holders available, which gives the finest of the look to your bedroom and other rooms.

•    You can go for different types of curtain material instead of traditional blinds to decorate your bathroom and kitchen. Though you have to do regular cleaning, but as far as room decorating is concern various types of curtain idea can give a different look to your entire house interior.

Benefits of Curtain over Blinds

Though lots of people get confused between curtain and blinds, but the modern day’s fashion about home decorating always prefer fancy and unique curtain fabric which makes the home more sweet and charming compare to the blinds.

Even in blinds there are so many varieties available which can give sophistication and a decent look but curtain decorating ideas are very effective for those who want to decorate their each room differently with various themes. For children’s bedroom you can decorate with some wonderful theme which your kids will love to have them in their place. It adds an additional softness and makes your sweet home more unique.

Blinds are also very effective for those who love more light and natural feeling in their home. But that is also possible with the modern day’s curtain material. You can get light colour and very soft type curtains which will allow light through the window to your home and when necessary you can add additional thick and deep colour curtain above that to add to the privacy.



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