Which Fabrics should I Choose for my Curtains?

Curtains are known to give the finishing touch to any room in your house. They enhance and glorify the interior decoration and also make your home more appealing. In order to make their room look more beautiful with curtains, customers are advised to go with the right colour, quality, design and type of the curtain material. There is an enormous variety in curtain types and all might not be suitable according to your preferences and the requirements of curtains in your home.

designer-curtains-floralLightweight Fabrics

Lightweight curtains are preferred for shady rooms where you are looking to use them for some privacy. Cotton material is the fabric that you will find the best in the lightweight category of curtains. It is preferred by most because it is the most inexpensive option. Further, this material is also durable and lasts for a very long time. Maintaining and cleaning such curtain material is also not a big deal as they are very easy to wash just as you want. It is suitable to be used in both bedrooms and kitchens. Muslin is also a type of cotton fabric which is airy and very light in weight. Further, in the lightweight category, linen fabric is also a fantastic and useful choice for the people. It offers great variety in style and designs as well.

brocade-curtain-fabricMediumweight Fabrics

Mediumweight fabrics for curtains are used in rooms to provide a good compromise between a light and heavy weight curtain material. Brocade type fabric is the most ideal one to buy in for the mediumweight curtains. It has a classical distinctive texture which adds to the class and the aesthetic sense of styling of your room. The main beauty of this fabric is that it is available in a variety of different colours. If colours are your preference in designing of the curtains then Brocade fabric can be your ultimate choice.  Damask is another amazing fabric in this category which is preferred for its versatile design patterns. This material is preferred to be used in the bedrooms and as well as the living rooms. Then there is the Denim fabric as well, which is preferred in the mediumweight category because of its durability.

taupe-contemporary-curtainsHeavyweight Fabrics

Heavyweight fabrics are preferred for the sunny rooms which allow you complete privacy and also prevent the sunlight to penetrate into the room. They are known to give a very classical touch to your room and you have full flexibility to choose a range of different style and design patterns. The chenille fabric has been used in different households since the Victorian times. It is heavyweight, but has a very soft and delicate feel to it. The velvet is another popular type in this category which looks glamorous, but can be equally expensive as well. Tapestries is another such fabric which has very fine embroidery done over it to make it look more appealing.